Mission Statement  

Francis Walsh Intermediate School      MISSION STATEMENT


Francis Walsh Intermediate School’s mission is to provide a safe educational environment that is conducive to learning.


Our community strives to empower and inspire all students to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and adaptability necessary to become lifelong learners.


Walsh Intermediate School encourages individuals to pursue high achievement, embrace diversity, and assume civic responsibility in our dynamic, global society.




  About The School  

History of the school

Francis Walsh Intermediate school was built in 1972 and was originally called Branford Intermediate School. It was built in the open school style, characterized by classrooms with no walls, open space, and emphasis on community, sharing, and character. While these characteristics still ring true today, a number of classroom walls have been built throughout the years.

Health Program

In order to promote, protect, maintain and improve pupil health, the following procedures are utilized:

1. Physical examinations are required for all students entering Connecticut schools for the sixth and tenth grades.
2. All students are required to show evidence of immunization against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps and rubella.
3. The following screenings take place during the school year: Vision screening on all fifth, sixth and eighth graders. Hearing screening on all fifth and eighth graders. Postural screening on all fifth and eighth graders. Tine testing, for tuberculosis, is offered to all eighth graders, with parent permission.
4. The school nurse may give medication ONLY with a written order from the doctor and the parent or guardian. The medical permission form is to be used for this purpose. Please note the following: STUDENTS MAY NOT CARRY MEDICATIONS TO SCHOOL. MEDICATIONS MUST BE GIVEN TO THE NURSE BY THE PARENT OR A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. Medication includes Tylenol and all over the counter drugs as well as prescription drugs. Medication must be in the original prescription bottle with the student's name, name of the drug, strength, dosage, frequency, physician's or dentist's name and date of original prescription. Over the counter drugs must be in the original package labeled with the student's name. All medication must be kept in the nurse's office except for those students authorized to self-administer and self-carry.

School Based Health Center

We are fortunate to have a School Based Health Center which is a fully licensed health clinic designed to address the physical and emotional needs of adolescents. All students at WIS are eligible to enroll and receive services free of charge. A pediatric nurse practitioner, a social worker and consulting pediatrician work as a team to provide medical and mental health services. The center is open on all school days with coverage available after school hours. For additional information please call the School Based Health Center at 315-3533.