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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Parents must complete the WIS Absenteeism Form (located on our school) website  and return it to the attendance office with your child upon his/her return to school. You may also email this form to Margaret Taylor at:  Phone calls and messages will no longer be accepted as official notification.

A.  The following absences are NOT COUNTED for the purpose of the Attendance Policy:

  • a medical reason
  • a religious holiday
  • a court appearance
  • a funeral or death in the family
  • a serious family emergency
  • a suspension or expulsion or, limited absence from school for special activities with parental consent, subject to the approval of the Principal or his/her designee
  • Other absences will be considered unexcused.

B. Students are allowed excused absences per school year. Therefore, please try to schedule medical and personal appointments after school hours or during vacation.

  • If an unexpected medical appointment is necessary during school hours, parent/legal guardians must call the school prior to the student leaving the building. Upon returning to school, the student must bring a note/appointment card from the doctor's office.  
  • Attendance is taken each period. Therefore, if a student misses a class for any reason other than a school activity, the student will not have perfect attendance.
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